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H is for hiking in Tannheimer Tal

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Lake Höfersee

The lovely Lake Höfersee lies between Tannheim and Zöblen. To admire it, park your car at the car park of Rohnen cable car and walk around the lake on the flat forest path. Is the one-hour tour not enough for you? Then start your excursion right from the hotel. The magnificent panorama of the Allgäu Alps awaits you along the way. Our reception will be happy to give you more information about the route.

Over lower Rossalpe to Älpele

How about a hike to one of the most beautiful spots in Tannheimer Tal? The leisurely hike starts to the right of the football pitch in Tannheim. The path first leads you through the forest, then along the stream to lower Rossalpe (not managed). Then the path becomes somewhat steeper, leading you first to a wide-open Alpine meadow, then on to Feldalpe. The effort of the climb is quickly forgotten upon sight of Zugspitze and Gaishorn peaks. Before returning to the valley, a snack in Älpele is a must.

Gaishorn Tannheim

The highest peak in Tannheim is a must-see destination for summiteers. This is how you can reach it: Hike from the hotel to the crossroads in the Tannheim district of Neu-Kienzen. Then follow the signs towards Älpele. Once there, the path snakes up to the high plateau of Feldalpe, from where you can enjoy an impressive view of Gaishorn. Cross under the cliff and follow the path to the ridge and on to the summit cross, which, by the way, was carried up the mountain by hand.


Experienced hikers with no fear of heights and vertigo love the panoramic excursion to Schrecksee, one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the Alps. Park at Vilsalpsee and walk along the left shore of the lake to the junction that leads you left to Traualpe. From there, walk along passages secured with wire ropes to Landsberger hut. Now hike southwest to Westliches Lachenjoch, then continue on the scenic hiking trail to Kirchdachsattel and your destination for the day, Schrecksee. The tour can also be undertaken in two stages with an overnight stay at Landsberger hut.

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