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TOVINO – Wine. Bar. Passion.

Is wine really just a matter of preference? Maybe… but at Wine Bar TOVINO, everyone will be able to find the right wine for them. I, your host at our wine hotel in Tannheimer Tal and sommelier Tomas, will make sure of that. After the first sip, you’ll realise that a glass of wine – enjoyed in moderation – makes you feel relaxed and happy. Of course, the right type of wine plays the most vital role, no question about it. That’s where I come in! With over 300 labels in my wine cellar, I’d be happy to help you choose a first-class wine which I serve exclusively in hand-blown glasses. The finest wines from Austria, Italy, and France, as well as from the best wine-growing regions of the world, create a true symphony of aromas you’ll simply fall in love with..

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Thursday – Monday

4 p.m. – 11.30 p.m.


P.S. Everyone is welcome – no matter if you’re a guest at MONS. or not.

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Spirits from all over the world

It doesn’t always have to be wine. Sometimes – and for very special moments – delicious liqueurs and exotic spirits are just the right thing. Quality rather than quantity always remains the name of the game. Is it a cool, foamy beer after work? Whether light or dark, strong or non-alcoholic – who can say no? Oh, and before I forget: When the sun is shining, I will always welcome you with an equally sunny disposition onto Wine Bar TOVINO’s spacious sun terrace with a dream view of the Allgäu Alps. Cheers!

Have a taste of our selection of wines and spirits before your visit.

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Small appetisers, huge delight

Your appetite starts to bubble to the surface and suddenly, your stomach growls. Now you’re really in the mood for something, right?
Grab the menu from our wine bar and order appetisers, delicious nibbles, and finger food. Which wine best accompanies your selection? I’ll be happy to tell you during a little personal chat.


P.S. Don’t forget to reserve your table for the next appetiser!

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Off on a Tasty Tasting!

Are wine tastings boring to you? Then you certainly haven’t been on one of our Tasty Tastings. Because at Wine Bar TOVINO, you’ll enjoy wine in a very special way. Instead of sipping, smelling, and spitting, we drink, chat, and enjoy. After all, wine and fun shouldn’t be a contradiction – especially on holiday in Tannheimer Tal. No two wines taste the same, each sip reveals new nuances of taste. What does the wine remind you of? What colour is it? At one of our Tasty Tastings, you’ll become a wine expert within a few hours.

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Monday is Knödel dumpling day.

They are sweet. They are savoury. They are incredibly diverse and really delicious. And that's why every Monday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. is Knödel dumpling day in our Wine Bar TOVINO. To start off, a small bread basket with spread, organic olive oil, and black salt from the Pacific Ocean – and then you’re spoilt for choice: traditional Tyrolean Speck or mountain cheese Knödel, Mediterranean caprese Knödel, non-alcoholic black gin Knödel, German Currywurst Knödel, and, and, and. Best of all? No matter what you go for: all our dumplings are not only fresh, but prepared by hand and with love by hostess Sonja.

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Wine menu
Snack menu

Is your way home long and your blood alcohol level high? Cosy rooms and suites await you at our wine hotel in Austria, MONS.

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